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Mobile Skin making software
Interface Design

MobiCare Skin software comes packed with flexible editing options and we have all the cutting templates of all major phone brands - this makes building your perfect mobile skins easier than ever before.

User Interaction

We have designed the user interface keeping you in mind so that it will be easy for you to design and cut mobile skins on the very first time, it has no learning curve difficulty. You will be able to create awesome skins.

cutting templates

Our awesome team keeps expanding our template on a daily basis, we have all the phone cutting templates available with us, we provide timely updates whenever there is a new phone in the market.

Skin quality and paper

They are made from high quality vinyl and are durable.The skins are thin, flexible, strong, water resistant and re-adjustable.

Cameo 3 Plotter
Our software is Cameo 3 Plotter Compatible


Mobicare personalized - custom mobile skin making software is now fully compatible with Cameo 3 Plotters. Our software is fully integrated with Cameo 3 Plotters. You will achieve optimum performance and accurate cutting of mobile skin templates. Our R&D team has ensured that you get a precise cutting of mobile skin templates using our software using Cameo 3 Plotters. The Silhouette CAMEO is an electronic cutting tool for personal use. Like a home printer, it plugs into your PC with a simple USB cable.


Graphtec Plotter
Our software is Graphtec Plotter Compatible


Mobicare Skin making software makes it possible for you to have a seamless cutting of mobile skins. Our software is fully integrated with the plotter. There is no other mobile skin making software in the market that can match our quality of performance. Graphtec's sophisticated and proprietary technology, the Tangential Control mode, allows for complete elimination of distorted, rounded, or lifted corners, even when highly intricate design cutting is required. This innovative feature allows the Graphtec CE6000 to cut small text strings on vinyl.


Features & Benefits

The ultimate protection + creativity formula


The expert MobiCare team introduces new automatic cutting templates on almost daily basis. We provide around 6000+ cutting templates with infinite designs, encompassing every phone model and timely updates whenever there is a new phone in the market.


MobiCare mobile skin-making software is robust, intuitive and lightning fast. It comes packed with in-built image editing tools & model cutting template preview that help you design and unleash your creativity to make the perfect mobile skin.


The user-interface of the software is designed such that it proves to be a child’s play even for a layman. The goal is to let everybody design and cut mobile skins with utmost ease. For any other glitches, MobiCare team is always available to provide top notch support and assistance.


The mobile skins are made from high quality, ready-to-cut, non-tearable vinyl pvc material and are durable. The skins are thin, flexible, strong, water resistant and re-adjustable. There are also amazingly detailed 3D textures with variety like leather, carbon, shimmer, metallic, wooden and velvet skins available.