Mobicare Kiosk

Why not setup a Kiosk at your Gas Store, Mobile Shop, Mall or outlets? Are you thinking about it but don't know how to go about it? We can do it for you, yes, definitely!

We do white labeling of Kiosk's for you. You have a plan, tell us, we execute..

Awesome Skin materials to choose from. Just select the desired textured materials that you plan to dress up your device with.

Screen Protector

You want to protect your devices display, yes, we all do. Just select the device template model to cut. Voila! It is as easy as yawning.

Ready To Cut​

Planning to setup a Kiosk?

Planning to setup a Kiosk at your Shop, Mall or at your events and exhibitions. Need not worry, we can provide you our software with Kiosk compatibility and interface. We understand the importance of promotion of a brand, keeping that in mind, we provide the software with white labelling.

Get in touch with us to discuss your requirement and we will make it possible for you.