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Start your Mobile Skin Business 

Become a MobiCare partner and get our SaaS-based mobile skin designer software - MobiCare Skin. Making mobile skins has never been so easy with our ecosystem of supporting services.  

This image consists of a mobile skin cutting template with an example of how orange-colored skin looks on your phone.

Range of Solutions We Provide

Mobicare mobile skin software with 12000+ cutting templates.

MobiCare Mobile Skin Software 

Our mobile skin software is used globally to create mobile skins, cases, and protection for smartphones and tablets. Create personalized mobile skins, using our state-of-the-art software and dependable hardware combo. 

MobiCare Mobile Skin Android App 

Make your own customized smartphone skins on the go with MobiCare Mobile Skin Android App! We have more than 12,000 cutting templates in our collection, representing 35 different smartphone brands, and we are constantly adding to it. While we take care of the rest, you can focus on expanding your business. 

This image shows How Mobicare Mobile Skin Android App Works With Cutting Plotter Machine.
This Image Consists of the Mobicare Skin Design kiosk.

MobiCare Mobile Skin Design Kiosk 

Simply plug and play to set up a kiosk anywhere. In a mall or an exhibition space, MobiCare Kiosk skin cutting software is designed specifically for kiosk stores. 

MobiCare Mockup Software

MobiCare Mockups software is a collection of a wide variety of mobile skin mockup templates that you can edit and customize to make your own unique mobile skin designs. Stand out with your original designs and sell exclusive mobile skins online. 

This image consists of Mobicare mobile skin mockup templates, which come with the software.

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