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Mobile Skin Design Kiosk 

With MobiCare Kiosk, you have a fantastic business opportunity. Start selling as soon as you have a location determined. Make the most of exhibits and short-term kiosks, as well as permanent kiosks in malls, without the high setting-up costs of a large business. Start making money from day one. 

 Have you ever thought of setting up a Kiosk at a mall, mobile store or other outlets but don’t know how to go about it? Allow us to do the work for you.  

We provide white labeling of our software and kiosks, where all you need to do is plan and we execute it for you. 

Ready To Cut​

We provide top of the line skin materials, you can choose your desired skin material that looks the best for your device. 

Screen Protector

We all want to protect our device’s display. To make a screen protector for your device, you just need to select the device template model to cut. And boom, it’s as easy as breathing. 

This image consists of a person who is happy with his customised skin using Mobicare Software
This image consists of three people who wants to setup Mobicare Mobile Skin design kiosk for business.

Planning to setup a Kiosk?

If you’re planning to setup Kiosks, we can provide you with our mobile skin cutting software which is compatible with Kiosks. We understand how important the promotion of a brand is, which is why we provide you the software with white labeling. 

This image shows many people using Mobicare mobile skin design kiosk.
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