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About Us

MobiCare Skin launched in 2014 in Vadodara, India, is a people-centered company. Employees, customers, suppliers, and partners are all intrinsic in our journey. We've been in business for over a decade and have worked on a wide range of projects, from an online store to the building custom software. 

Why MobiCare Skin? 

We have launched the market's first breakthrough mobile skin software. The MobiCare software + machine combo enables the creation of bespoke textured skins and covers for your electronics. We are all about precise engineering and aesthetic design. The program has a wealth of customization possibilities, with best fitting skins and scratch protection. 

​ The software is equipped with an Image editing tool + Model cutting template preview. For a seamless experience, we provide daily updates to the software, adding new templates and adding new features to continue improving the software. We offer over 12000 cutting templates – representing 35 different smartphone brands – and are constantly expanding our collection. 

​ The hardware consists of a plotter machine, a lamination machine and a printer (If not already available with the user). The hardware is designed to provide you with precise engineering and the absolute best possible fit for your device, whether it’s a skin, case or a screen protector. The mobile skin paper is basically a lamination with vinyl and pvc material which provides virtually invisible scratch protection. 


To celebrate people and the inherent uniqueness and originality that each one of us possesses. 


To empower everyone to start their own device customization business through our innovative products & solutions. 


Be yourself. Your uniqueness is your magic.  


We have opened 15 franchise sites in India and the rest of the world this year alone. We offer extensive support to our partners and collaborate on brand development. 

Our industry expertise and commercial savvy professionals will help you through franchise development with best practices. We maintain a continual relationship with franchisees, providing not just assistance but also updates on new product lines. 

Our headquarters are in Vadodara, Gujarat. From this facility, we ship bespoke smartphone skins and other items to our partners worldwide. Our latest hardware and state-of-the-art software enable us to efficiently perform all repair and maintenance work. MobiCare professionals enhance the product range and services on a regular basis. We handle all back-end operations, including production, procurement, design, and engineering. As a result, you can quickly establish a shop anywhere on the globe and focus on your creativity when it comes to selling personalized mobile accessories. 

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